About us

What we Do

Bid Solutions Experts Business Consulting and Agency Services was established in 2001 and since the organization’s inception, our range of consultancy services has developed to meet both the demands within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states.We are basically business facilitators, consultants, negotiators, trade agents, tender experts and representatives based in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with branch offices in Malaysia, Philippines and Iraq.We have been instrumental for the award of many government contracts to reputable foreign companies.


 In contemporary business parlance, we are known as commission agents because we earn a negotiated commission from our foreign partners in any successful government contract awarded to them through our recommendation.Our vision is to make meaningful contributions to the promotion of global peace through commerce while our mission is to promote world trade through building sustainable synergies with our international partners.The achievements of our organization within this space of time are manifold.


 In the services provided, professional standards were exemplified and a very good reputation was established thus resulting in a marked increase in the number of clients requesting our services.The underlying philosophy of our organization is primarily tied in with the concept of helping our client throughout the development of an identified project. This philosophy is applied whether it is a multi-million project or a small project of limited financial value.This organization employs a number of experts, consultants as well as specialists in their field of expertise. For all projects, a work team is identified with duties assigned to each member of the team.Apart from the full-time employees, this organization has affiliation with a number of part-time staff who are experts in their field of work even at university and professional levels. 


Working closely with these aforementioned experts as investigative and research team members to carry out any required research and prepare the required information, data and statistics for the case studies.Our offices are also set-up with an up to date systems of E.D.P. as well as word processors which can be undertaken in both Arabic and English languages.We are proud to say that we have achieved a leading position amongst our local rivals in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and currently striving for expansion in the Middle East region to which we already have an established reach, through branch offices in Iraq, Malaysia and Philippines

Our culture can be summed up in three words: People. Passion. Performance. These are the driving forces of our organization. Our values guide the way we run our business and reflect what is important to us. Our values set the tone for supporting our company strategy and moving our business forward.Mutual RespectWe create a respectful environment built on trust.
Effective Communication

We value open, honest and clear communication— up, down and sideways.

Great Leadership

Our people lead the way with integrity and by personal example.


We are dedicated to our business, our people and our partners.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We feel and act like the company is ours and make better decisions because of it.

Honorable and Noble

We do what we say always striving to do the right thing.

Innovative Thinking

We are pioneers always seeking to lead our industry.


Working together is at the heart of our business.


We set high standards and accept only our best effort

Our Objectives

To meet the nations’ call for development by means of contributing towards both the current development programs and plan with a carefully based scientific approach.Develop businesses through tender bids and contract arrangements, undertake economic, financial, management and organizational studies.Provide consultancy service to different economic sectors in the specialized areas indicated according to the state of the art technical and professional standards

Conduct feasibility studies with an objective approach as well as taking into consideration the terms and references acclaimed from the development and maintenance of the nations’ resources.Introduce the latest and up-to-dated methods as well as standards in the consultancy services within the specialized areas.Contribute towards the development and training of Nationals in the field of consultancy.