Our Location

Bid Solutions Business Consulting and Agency Service is an international company with offices in:

Cooperate Headquarters 


Administration Dept,

Pasay City,

Metro Manila, Philippines 1307

Tel: +63 1800 2780052




Erik Paolo : International Consultant erik@bidsolutionexperts.com

Diddy Wachyudi : Principal Associates diddy@bidsolutionexperts.com

Ramos Michael Timtiman:
principal consultant ramos@bidsolutionexpers.com

Our Objectives

To meet the nations’ call for development by means of contributing towards both the current development programs and plan with a carefully based scientific approach.Develop businesses through tender bids and contract arrangements, undertake economic, financial, management and organizational studies.Provide consultancy service to different economic sectors in the specialized areas indicated according to the state of the art technical and professional standards
Conduct feasibility studies with an objective approach as well as taking into consideration the terms and references acclaimed from the development and maintenance of the nations’ resources.Introduce the latest and up-to-dated methods as well as standards in the consultancy services within the specialized areas.Contribute towards the development and training of Nationals in the field of consultancy.